All’s Wrong with the World

January 17, 2012

So it seems.

So why talk about it?  Why not talk about what’s right?

I guess you have to look at both sides.

So I’ll just think about it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The world needs more thinkers, new thinkers, young thinkers.

Not more in the sense of “make everyone a thinker.”  Some people shouldn’t even attempt to think.  And some people should just feel and let their emotions drive them.  Rationality is too cold—and the world is cold enough already.

Not new because they spout off “new, modern ideas.”  What is not time-tested often fails in practice, and fails in coherence too.  New as in outside the cultural lens which colors our thinking so drastically.  New as in forgotten old thoughts.  New as in full, rounded, interconnected thoughts—not brief, interrupted smatterings of thoughts which have no encompassing rope to tie them all together.

Not young because of birthdates, but young in the mind.  Forever young.

I expect my thinking to change, being young in body.  That’s fine.  I don’t care.  I don’t have all the answers.  I do have a perspective, and a plea to go with it.

“So, it seems that….”


Your thoughts?

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