Paleo Diet

January 28, 2012

I first heard of this notion, the Paleo Diet, from Keoni, and mused it over for a bit before placing it in my mind’s archives for some other time.  I have gone on strange “diets” before just to see how my body would react and feel.  One such diet was non-meat for a month.  Besides not doing my taste buds any favors, it didn’t make me feel much different than before.  Another such example would be a week-long system cleansing, just water and fresh fruit for two days, then the rest of the week spent gradually adding in fruit juices and light carbs.

Then yesterday I saw an article on fasting.  This intrigued me because it connected the Paleo diet to an actual case study with links to scientific studies, and the term “fasting” hails from the Bible.  While the purpose of fasting in ancient times had religious significance, it struck me that it may well have had physical benefits as well.

At any rate, it makes sense to me.  If you want to lose fat, burn fat instead of calories you consumed three hours ago.  If you want to gain muscle, don’t get full on carbs, stuff yourself with protein.  If you want to be more disciplined eating, limit your food intake to times you will be conscious of your meals.  If you want to eat healthier food, become efficient in your eating.

The concept of hunter and prey is a strong theme in the Paleo diet.  Prey graze throughout the day.  Hunters eat as much as they want when they are hungry.  Which group is stronger?  Do you want to be strong or weak?

I don’t know if I buy into the conspiracy–yet.  I have seen King Corn and Food, Inc., and they are disturbing.  But for now, two meals, eighteen hours of fasting per day.  That’s my new lifestyle.


That's good to know.


One Response to “Paleo Diet”

  1. Brad Says:

    On fasting, see dr Joel furhman

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