“The Herd isn’t the Problem”

January 28, 2012

True words from Yohami:

So. Belonging to a herd puts you to sleep. The herd cant illuminate you. Illuminating yourself and owning your circumstances requires personal work and, ultimately, it breaks you apart from the herd. The herd mentality is the opposite of an illuminated mentality.

But, culture gets to you before you have any saying on whether you want it or not and all of its knowledge, myths, moral and common sense are given and taken as facts. Then you play along in order to be accepted, in exchange of the identity the herd provides. Thats the path of least resistance and how we enter this world. When we come here, we´re all sheeps.

And your herd can make you or break you, in the same way parents can make you or break you.

So, what the herd can, or could do, is to attempt to do things right instead of attempting them wrong.

I´d rather have a herd that teaches truth / responsibility / owning yourself / love / the value of being awaken and gives you tools, rather than a herd that intentionally sedates you, keeps you down, distracted, scared; a herd that pushes you in the right direction, rather than a herd that only pushes so they can have your milk.

I’ve been struggling away from the herd, one step at a time.  I don’t want to consider the world in the frames already presented to me.  I want to frame the world on my own terms, to see through culture, to see the Truth beyond it or even nestled in it.

Don’t just think like everyone else.  Think correctly.  Think Truthfully.



One Response to ““The Herd isn’t the Problem””

  1. YOHAMI Says:

    Thanks for the linkage and keep on seeking bro.

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