Visionary or Reactionary?

February 4, 2012

An interesting question about Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Given the amount of debt the U.S.A. has racked up spending on military, this seems like a fair question.  However, I believe it is easily answered because of his message.

Ron Paul consistently speaks about the Constitution’s limits on the federal government’s power concerning foreign affairs.  This doctrine of “isolationism” (really, military isolationism) is not popular among Republicans for some reason which puzzles me–most Republicans are against “baby-killing”, so why be so eager to commit “adult-killing”?  Ron Paul is the only person in politics (that I know of, so that’s not saying much) who bases his policies in interpretations of the Constitution.  To me, this makes him almost as visionary as the envisioners and creators of the Constitution.  Question answered.

To go even further, keep in mind the Framers themselves were reactionary.  Oppression is something which people should react to.  Oppression is something which should be replaced by the vision of liberty.  Visions often come as a result of reactions.  It makes sense that something which makes us challenge the status quo is the same thing which makes us expand our minds and hearts.


Your thoughts?

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