Our Deepest Fear

March 19, 2012

Culture tells us to be nothings in a nothing world.  Life is, on the whole, meaningless.  So live for the moment and the trivial factoids intended to excite you that constantly stream through social media.

We refuse to see that we are powerful beyond measure.  And truly this is a horrifying thought we refuse to consider because of its implications.

What if I told you that your life can make a difference?  What if I told you that you should care?  What if I told you that you had power within you that is meant to be unleashed onto your world?  What if I told you to reject the pump-and-dump society we live in, to refuse to give attention to the fast-paced, mindless social media culture that blurs away meaning and significance from everything?

Would you believe me?


We believe the lie that we are small fish in a big pond.  And that we should just hope to grow to be bigger fish and not get eaten before then.  We think we are not powerful, that we don’t make a difference, that nihilism is ultimately true.  Power lies elsewhere, in another’s hands.  And because we believe this, it is true.  Because we don’t challenge this, we create the reality we believe in.

This is not a pep talk.  Pep talks don’t work.  This is just a gentle wake-up call.  We are powerful, but too afraid to admit it.  Too afraid because of the implications of our power.

Power means freedom and responsibility.  It means I control my own destiny and my impact on my environment.  It means it makes a difference whether I wallpaper or paint.  It means no more excuses and trivializing choices.  It means that it makes a difference whether I choose soup or salad.

Fear can be measured by whether or not you do something.  It is easy to see and smell.  Power cannot be measured because it is something within that is expressed very differently without.  Power is self-confidence, it is developed ability, it is love.  Power is….

Beyond measure.  Believe it.  Or resign yourself to nothing, wave the white flag at society’s barrage of nothings, lie down each night cold inside because you sacrificed the gift.


Your thoughts?

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