“Pettiness and Mud”

March 6, 2012

A few insights from Dr. Sowell before he urges politicians to abandon principles:

What could they possibly have been thinking about, in the first place, when they agreed to a format based on short sound bites for dealing with major complex issues, and with media journalists — 90 percent of them Democrats — picking the topics?

The conduct of the candidates made things worse. In a world with a record-breaking national debt and Iran moving toward creating nuclear weapons, they bickered over earmarks and condoms. I am against earmarks, but earmarks don’t rank among the first hundred most serious problems facing this country.

Issues we face today are often not so simple to be explained in 60 seconds, let have the solutions explained so quickly as well.  The world is usually more complex than we want it to be and less complex than “experts” wish it.  While the masses want quick, easy solutions that fit nicely into a soundbyte, which do injustice to the issue, and experts want drawn out responses to every issue presented, which is unsuitable on television these days, the happy medium in between fits nobody’s tastes.

The format of the “debates” staged the scene for veering away from weighty topics in favor of one-liners about less-important issues the country faces.  The fact that this format has occurred frequently throughout this election cycle is an indicator of a few things

Briefly, first, that party leaders are incompetent, indifferent, or cynical.  Second, that democracy cannot work (in its ideal form) in the age of television because petty issues are more entertaining than weighty issues and thus critical matters are ignored.  And third, that political candidates need not show their qualifications for the highest office in the land but rather their wit and rhetorical skills.


Thirty-nine years of “reproductive rights”–i.e., the “right” to have sex without bearing the risk of having a child.  Thirty-nine years of treating a child as a non-human.  Thirty-nine years of unorganized killing, with Planned Parenthood tossed into the abortion mob for some time.

Abortion is a simple issue derived from complex issues.  Killing an innocent child is murder, no matter the age.  This is not a case of the “potential of life” being destroyed, but rather a life-form being destroyed.  This is not a case of simply a mother’s right to privacy, because any other human has rights also–the right of life.  No woman has a right to murder because she made a decision she regretted.

The back-story behind each abortion is complex.  Sometimes a woman is scared.  Or feels unable/inadequate to raise a child.  Or feels like she can’t do it.  Or feels inconvenienced.  Or is surprised and can’t think of how to react.  Whatever.  The sociological, economic, educational, familial reasons may be complex, hard to sort out, and conflicting.  But the back-story doesn’t change what the action is: taking innocent life.

Hitler was a complex character with an interesting back-story: Jewish mother, failed painter, ordinary foot-soldier.  His personal history has no bearing on the rightness or wrongness of his actions.  We can all agree on this.  Similarly, it does not matter what a woman’s particular back-story is: the rightness or wrongness of her actions are not predicated on her financial status, personal feelings, or anything else.

The sadness of it all–the wickedness of some people–is that abortion isn’t necessary.  It can be avoided with self-control.  It can be avoided with birth-control.  It can be avoided by putting the baby up for adoption–many couples can’t have babies of their own.  It can be avoided by talking through fears and uncertainties with a counselor–often for free through counseling centers who believe in life.  It can be avoided by thoroughly thinking through the options instead of making an impulsive decision.  Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy.  But living a rewarding, blessed life is never easy.

Allowing people to murder their way out of mistakes is a misguided morality.  To value one life over an innocent one is a tragedy that occurs nearly everyday in America.  This evil will be judged, both personally and nationally.  There is a God who is just. The ruling from His court will overrule the decision from Blackmun’s.  His words will drown out Obama’s evil speech.