Here’s some great logic for you:

1. If there are frogs, they are purple.
2. If a purple frog exists, no ribbetting will be heard.
3. Ribbetting is heard.
4. No purple frog exists (from 2 and 3).
5. Hence, there are no frogs (from 1 and 4).

Thus by the Argument from Ranine Hiddenness we are able to conclude that no frog exists, even though our conclusion flies in the face of the observable fact that something out there – though clearly not a frog! – can be heard going ribbet, ribbet. And frankly, I think I’d be more impressed with the intellectual prowess exhibited by the average frog’s ribbets than by the cretins who produced this illogical drivel.

This is an accurate, parallel syllogism for the atheist’s Divine Hiddenness argument.


Alpha’s Letter

January 23, 2012

From In Mala Fide, Alpha:

Do you know what the problem with America is?

Our politicians looked at Kim Jong Il while he was alive, and saw that everywhere he went, no matter what, every night of his life he had a lobster flown to him for dinner.

Every night.

He stood on the broken backs of his people, he forced them to smile and made them enjoy giving him their money.

Our politicians watched him live like a god while his people resorted to cannibalism or starved to death in the streets.

Instead of feeling pity for those poor, oppressed, and suffering people, instead of feeling disgust an what an animal Kim Jong Il was, instead of being outraged that human life could be mistreated in such a way, instead of feeling hatred for anyone who could commit such evils, do you know what they felt?


They saw a man who lived like a god on Earth, and they WANTED IT. They Coveted his lifestyle. The wealth he lived in, the power he commanded! How great it must be to live like that, to literally be worshipped! How great it will be to stand in the place of the Most High, to take His name as Mine and have that Power! Don’t you see? They will stop at nothing, and they will not rest, until they have that same power.

We are lead by corrupt and evil men, men who want nothing but their own gain. Who want nothing but to see the measure of their own power and wealth increased. We are lead by Satan, and we allow him to direct our paths to lead us unto our destruction, that he may proclaim himself king — though it will be king of the damned.

Sadly, I believe this is a remarkably accurate assessment.  They use their power to legitimize power, to gain power, to continually grasp at power.  Even many of the Tea Partiers in Congress fell in line with Republican demands, suddenly “seeing the light” once power was in their hands.

Power corrupts.

It’s angering to see people continue to vote for leaders who are demonstrably corrupt and power-hungry.  The tried-and-failed solution to this is to elect leaders who have high ideals and good character.  It’s sad to see people vote for those types of leaders only to see them quickly corrupted by the power.  Though strong, they were not strong enough to withstand the demon of power.

A better solution would be to limit the power the leaders can hold.  Don’t give the leaders more power to consolidate.  Take back power.  Don’t rest until the power lies with the people, not the leaders.

Thirty-nine years of “reproductive rights”–i.e., the “right” to have sex without bearing the risk of having a child.  Thirty-nine years of treating a child as a non-human.  Thirty-nine years of unorganized killing, with Planned Parenthood tossed into the abortion mob for some time.

Abortion is a simple issue derived from complex issues.  Killing an innocent child is murder, no matter the age.  This is not a case of the “potential of life” being destroyed, but rather a life-form being destroyed.  This is not a case of simply a mother’s right to privacy, because any other human has rights also–the right of life.  No woman has a right to murder because she made a decision she regretted.

The back-story behind each abortion is complex.  Sometimes a woman is scared.  Or feels unable/inadequate to raise a child.  Or feels like she can’t do it.  Or feels inconvenienced.  Or is surprised and can’t think of how to react.  Whatever.  The sociological, economic, educational, familial reasons may be complex, hard to sort out, and conflicting.  But the back-story doesn’t change what the action is: taking innocent life.

Hitler was a complex character with an interesting back-story: Jewish mother, failed painter, ordinary foot-soldier.  His personal history has no bearing on the rightness or wrongness of his actions.  We can all agree on this.  Similarly, it does not matter what a woman’s particular back-story is: the rightness or wrongness of her actions are not predicated on her financial status, personal feelings, or anything else.

The sadness of it all–the wickedness of some people–is that abortion isn’t necessary.  It can be avoided with self-control.  It can be avoided with birth-control.  It can be avoided by putting the baby up for adoption–many couples can’t have babies of their own.  It can be avoided by talking through fears and uncertainties with a counselor–often for free through counseling centers who believe in life.  It can be avoided by thoroughly thinking through the options instead of making an impulsive decision.  Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy.  But living a rewarding, blessed life is never easy.

Allowing people to murder their way out of mistakes is a misguided morality.  To value one life over an innocent one is a tragedy that occurs nearly everyday in America.  This evil will be judged, both personally and nationally.  There is a God who is just. The ruling from His court will overrule the decision from Blackmun’s.  His words will drown out Obama’s evil speech.