Who cares?  Not sure why this is worthy of the news, but….

What is admirable is what he said about it in his tweets afterwards:

Yes I was pulled over for speeding, going too fast, luckily the police were on the job. Wasn’t going that fast the entire time obviously but wrong is wrong, gotta face the music just like anyone else:(


Much Respect to the police officers who pulled me over! I will lead better on the road now as well as on & off the field!!!

Like any guy with a sports car that goes fast, he likes the feel of speed and got the car going.  Maybe he was testing out the max speed but got busted before reaching the max.  Maybe he was cruising at 80 mph but stopped paying attention to speed and let it get faster.  Does it matter in the grand scheme of things?  He admitted he did wrong and will shoulder up to the consequences of his actions.  That’s refreshing to see.


A: She’s an attention whore

February 10, 2012

Q:  “What is it about David Letterman that makes women want to take their clothes off?”

I debated whether or not to even answer this question.  After all, answering this question is the whole reason why Kathy Griffin decided to strip on national television a few weeks ago.  It’s purely a publicity stunt which got her in the news for a few days and got her trending in the search engines and Twitter.  Whorish behavior is pretty effective at gaining a camera audience these days.

This definitely wasn’t funny, either.